Antarctic Fox
The log of Rachel and Kevin Fox's trip to the Antarctic Peninsula in the Summer of 2008-9
Day 6: Flamingos on Ice
December 31 - Just North of The Gullet, the Antarctic Peninsula

Waking up the next morning in our icy wilderness was incredible. To begin with I should state: no we were not cold! If anything we were a bit overheated with our layers and awesome sleeping bag. Additionally we did have a sleeping mat so comfort was good. Sadly we did not hear any hear any Weddell seals under the ice. I did hear something, but I believe it was the ice floe bumping another ice flow or something because it was more of a reverberation than anything else. This was the best night of sleep I had the entire trip so far (maybe totally). Kevin didn't sleep badly either.

Our Little Home

Our Little Home - Kevin lounging in our tent which is the best decorated tent yard in Antarctica thanks to Cousin Steve! - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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We were woken to the sound of Tim's voice. This was something we were becoming accustomed too, but without his PA system on the boat it was much more relaxing. Tim "knocked" on our tent door. Rise and shine with a thermos of hot chocolate at the door of the tent. Perfect wake up. As we climbed out of the tent Tim informed us that our ice floe had traveled 2.5 miles while we slept, a fact which kind of blew our minds. Happily the night crew kept our boat following our ice floe and they were right there to pick us up.

Get Off My Lawn!

Get Off My Lawn! - Crabeater seal thinks our boat is invading his territory. - Photo by Antarctic Fox
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While we had a lovely hot cocoa wake-up, Tim was not quite so lucky as a small group of crabeater seals decided to take a rest on our ice floe right beside Tim's tent. They came up from the water barking and flopping around, which is when poor Tim woke up with the seals just a few feet (and a tent flap) away. After we packed up the insides of our tents we trudged over to visit those rude seals before heading back to the boat. I kept my appropriate distance, but they still were not always too happy with my paying them any attention.

Cheers Mate

Cheers Mate - Rob having his morning hot chocolate! - Photo by Antarctic Fox
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Explorers - Rachel & Kevin camping on the ice floe. - photo by Tim Soper - Photo by Antarctic Fox
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Yard Decorations

Yard Decorations - A few years back Kevin and I went camping and kayaking in Baja with Steve and Carl during which Steve decorated his ten yard with these flamingos. Which he gave to Kevin and I to take camping with us in the future. As you can see, we have! - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Alarm Clock Seal

Alarm Clock Seal - This is Tim's tent for the night. VERY early in the morning this crabeater seal flopped up right next to his tent and barked very loud waking poor time up. Another group of these seals also very noisy decided to lounge about 20 feet on the other side of Tim's tent. Poor Tim. Our tents were far enough away (and I can sleep through anything) that we were not disturbed. Did I mention, poor Tim? - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Shades of White

Shades of White - Two crabeater seals enjoying a sun lounge on the ice right beside our camp site. - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Seal Smiles

Seal Smiles - A crabeater seal enjoying the sun. - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Sea Kitten

Sea Kitten - I just want to run over to him and pet him, but I'm not allowed closer than 15 feet from him. I swear this crabeater seal looks like a big fat kitten with fins. - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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RARRRR! - A crabeater seal barking at me for disturbing his sleep. You can see that he has interesting shaped teeth. These are for filtering the krill that are his main diet. - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Our Beautiful Camp Site

Our Beautiful Camp Site - Shot from back on the bow of the boat. Rob and Tim spoiled us too much by taking care of us and our camp site for us. - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Southern Ice Flow

Southern Ice Flow - The greeny/blue color under these pieces of ice becomes more green because of the lichen growing below them. We will continue to find this more the more south we go. - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Goodbye Camp

Goodbye Camp - Our campsite being torn down in the distance as we re-situate back on the boat. - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Escape Route

Escape Route - Our zodiac boat on the edge of the ice floe we camped on, waiting to evacuate the last campers still on the ice. - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Resuce Ready

Resuce Ready - I just love the bright orange color of the resuce boat against the whites and blues of Antarctica. Just beautiful. - Photo by Rachel Lea Fox
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Finally loaded up and back on the boat we headed out and further south!

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